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About Khonsu

Business CoacH

  • Finance Director Local 1 SEIU CHICAGO 1998-2009
  • Lead Organizer Local 1 SEIU 1990-1998
  • Graduate Grambling State University 992 B.S. Degree, Business
  • Doctorate of Divinity Xavier University 1996
  • Founder Grand Lodge of Amon Ra, Chicago, Illinois
  • Awo Priest Ifa/Orisha-African Traditional Spiritual Systems
  • Tata Priest – Palo Mayhombe
  • High Priest Wiccan Science



My Story

Born and raised on the West side of Chicago, Illinois. I grew up middle class with hard working parents who instilled in me the drive to be the best and get the job done. I learned at a young age that all of us are amazing in our own unique way and that all we need to do is embrace ourselves with love.

As I became a teenager, I was thrust into a huge responsibility with the loss of both of my parents (three-month span) and was left to care for my younger sister. What this did was define and humble my mentality towards life, this gave me introspection to honor the legacy of family. I carried this with me into business where I developed skills as a community organizer and public speaker with one of the largest labor unions in the city of Chicago.

I then transitioned into the financial sector where developed by firm Aboriginal Consulting Corporation. I designed my company to meet the consulting needs within the field of business and personal finance. Since then my company has blossomed into one of the leading firms in the country with over 1000 satisfied clients and a six-figure portfolio, as my company is ever expanding as we develop and incorporate state of the art technology that keeps us the best consulting firm in the country.

Also, something near and dear to my heart has been my devotion to spiritual well-being for myself and others, as this been the guide to my life. I have created a unique blend of financial literacy and the spiritual foundation which promotes happiness and well-being. As you come to know the mind of Khonsu, I will definitely change your matrix and guide you towards success.


“Khonsu took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

Why Work With Me?

I help you maximize the efficiency of your finances and with your life, both now AND in the future, by giving you a game plan to achieve your goals we can effectively realize success.

I will work as your advocate, helping you strategize what’s best for YOU so that you will be able to change your matrix.


My Methodology

Whether your best cash flow opportunity is your business, paying off debt, or creating passive income, we focus there. There is never a hidden agenda. My focus, first and foremost is getting you fast, sure-fire results!

Books & Publications

These books are not only recommended, they are required reading when working with my organization.


Who Moved My Cheese

This is a simple parable filled with insights designed to help readers manage change quickly and prevail not just in business, but in life during in changing times.


Good to Great

This is the premier business book of the last decade and should be required reading for any leadership team.

Money Management

Everyday Millionaires

This is a #1 national best-selling book by author Chris Hogan. In this book, he will show you how ordinary people can and do build extraordinary wealth everyday. You will learn how millionaires live on less than they make, avoid debt, invest, are disciplined and responsible!

Everyday Millionaires is based on the largest study EVER conducted on 10,000 U.S. millionaires. The results are shocking! You will learn that building wealth has almost NOTHING to do with your income or your background! Becoming a millionaire DOES NOT matter where you come from. It DOES matter where you are going.

What I Can Do For Your Business